The sap is rising

While many parts of the U.S. are still in the throes of winter, here in Texas spring has definitely sprung.

Landscapes are greening up after our brief interlude with winter. Nurseries are full of bright new bedding plants. Clover is rampant over lawn and field. Now all of these are signs, but the surest sign of all is the surging hormones of the teenagers on my block.

At 2 am Friday morning, unable to deny the sap rising all around them, a pack of teenagers spilled out in front of my house.  Squealing, wrassling and posturing.

We may yet have a cold snap or two before the fierce southern sun has us firmly in its grip, but they’ll only be the last gasps of winter.

Because at precisely 2:13 am on Friday the 27th, Spring arrived in Cypress, Texas.

In my front yard.


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