A Night at the Zoo.

Yes, I’ve been away for a while.  In this case, with a round of hospital visits over what should have been a routine hernia repair.  All better now.

At my low point, I was readmitted to the hospital posthaste.  I landed the first available bed, which happened to be on the floor where they house the dementia patients. 

Throughout the night, the lady next to me kept up a steady refrain of “You left that door wide open” in her elongated southern drawl.  The fellow across the hall took up the bass, with a very conversationally presented “Hello?  Hello?  I’m dying.”  The other inhabitants of our hallway lent their own non sequiters to the mix.

You notice the strangest things when you’re very ill.  Taken all together, it sounded just like a zoo.

Actually, it smelled quite a lot like a zoo, too …

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