Tin can phone of the gods


Our group finds itself in uncharted territory —  rather than coaxing a Likely Prospect into trance, we’re having to teach one not to go so danged deep it’s unproductive.

So for the moment, Grasshopper, abandon your stone-in-a-pool model of psychic connection.  You wind up watching the ripples and feeling groovy, but lacking the focus to work magic.

Instead, work it like a string.  One end tied to you and the other to our gods.  Tug here, it tugs there, too.  Flash down the line to the Auld Ones.

And all you shallow water Grasshoppers — slow down during ritual.   Speak.  And.  Move.  Deliberately.   This quiets your active mind so that your subconscious mind can hear.   That means don’t let your active mind chatter on volumes of analysis on each word with subtext and footnotes.  Just be each word.

And now, Likely Prospect … on the count of three you will awaken, feeling rested and refreshed.

One.  Two.  Three.

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