Owning up

We live in an age of instant intellectual gratification.  Our every itch scratched, our every curiosity satisfied, in great part through the wonders of the internet.

But this cranial scratching post has a downside.  It’s so easy to get information that we’ve become complacent.  We equate being able to lay our hands on information with the acquisition of knowledge.

I’d be delighted to be proven wrong.   So the next time you read a new chant or spell or method, don’t just make a copy and file it away  for some future, perhaps never-to-happen use.  Instead be daring — use it straight away.

Taking up magical information is an act of intention.  Using that information makes it truly your own.  Writes it into the core of you through the firing of neurons and the memory of muscles.  Blood and bone.  And there’s not much witchier than that.

Solvitur ambulando — “It is solved by walking.”  So take a walk … I double dog dare you.


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  1. Exmertely helpful article, please write more.

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