Things of worth

I guess sooner or later every Gardnerian writes this post.   The one telling seekers just what “seeking” means.

So here’s mine.

“When the student is ready, the master appears.”  Seeker’s say this a lot.  I think it’s followed with a silent plea “So pick me already!”  Ironically, they’re usually saying it while surrounded by masters.  Ones who will only apprentice those who ask.

Seeking is an uncomfortable business.  It’s a personal journey with a roadmap you chart for yourself.  And when you finally do find folks you resonate with, the destination’s still invisible.  In order to work with a coven, you’ll have to ask folks you hardly know to work with you.  Risking rejection.  Or (even scarier) risking acceptance, with all the years of hard work and personal risk-taking that come with it.  If you can’t stretch your comfort enough to ask, you’ll never stretch it enough for all those years of apprenticeship. 

The asking’s a test.  So when you find a witch you truly resonate with, wherever that may be, then gather your courage and ask. 

No one said it was going to be easy.  Things of worth rarely are.


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