Waxing eloquent


A couple of years ago, I discovered a wonderful thing:  how to get the used up, burnt down candle stub out of a glass votive holder.  Just put a little water into the clean holder before setting a candle in it.  Even a few drops of water will work, although I usually put in a spoonful.

No running hot water over the stubborn wax plug for minutes on end.  Or prying it up with a knife.  No cursing, fumbling or crying necessary.  The old candle bit pops right out. 

The non-witches among us will be astonished by how much joy this brings.  But any pagan worth their salt has spent hours cleaning wax out of candle holders.  And the carpet. And the cat.

I could use those extra hours.  There’s always some bit of witchcraft to be worked.

Or I could start in on the wax in the carpet.

Here’s wishing you a frustration-free 2010!


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4 responses to “Waxing eloquent

  1. I discovered that by accident once. Such a useful tip. The freezer works nice too. Depending on the wax, it pops right out like an ice cube.

    There should be a book about these things…getting wax off the cat…myrrh resin off of your ears…that sort of thing.

    Much more useful than the latest guide to Tantric Ewok McWicca. 😉

    • trothwy

      You’re so right! There should be a book. Like a Hints from Heloise, only for pagans. Maybe a Hints from Hertha?

      I sense a new blog in the air. Calling all handy pagans out there …

  2. Gods, so true! Melted wax is the bane of all witches! [shakes fist in the air…grrrrr!]

    I just had a really amazing trance the other day at my altar. And when I came out of it, a candle had burned all the way down and basically pooled all over my cloth. Ruined it. It’ s my won fault, it was close to being done and still I lit all 5 wicks in it.

    I want to see this nifty hints book/blog! Great idea.

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