Thrice called kin

I was thinking about unscripted quarter calls today, but this came out instead:

My People —
I am blood of your blood
and bone of your bone.
I call you to me!
Be part of this work.
My Kin —
I pour my willing heart
into my hand for your beacon.
Come to me! 
Take part in this rite.
Beloved —
Arise to the song in my blood.
Spill forth upon this point.
Join with me!
You who are of me, and who I am of —
Above, below, within, without,
betwixt, between
twine herein.
Let us shape this work together.
©Trothwy 2010


Filed under To the Old Ones

4 responses to “Thrice called kin

  1. [mouth gaping wide]

    This is so lovely!

    Kim @redhandferi

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