Evn tempted me

For years, I’ve been hearing from a certain Lover of Strife about the wonders and fun of Pantheacon.  And so, lured by the opportunity to hear Annelise speak on Kukeri to Nestinari – Bulgarian Pagan Survivals, and a chance to visit some Very Dear Friends, I’m off to lovely California.

If any of you are going and would like to meet up over a cup of coffee, I’d love it!



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6 responses to “Evn tempted me

  1. A certain Evn told me a fun story about your Pantheacon experience!

  2. Did he present his Crossroads ritual? The first time I did the exercise along with his podcast, I ended up with such happy tears in my eyes!

    P.S. Isn’t he ridiculously handsome?

    • trothwy

      He did, and the room was buzzing with the energy of it. What an experience.

      For those of you reading the comments and saying, “What the … ?” you can learn more about Hyperion’s method for raising the crossroads on his Unnamed Path Podcast Episode 16, “Sacred Space / The Great Crossroads” at http://unnamedpath.com/archives/37.

      And yes, he is *ahem* very easy on the eyes. Feel free to email me (trothwy at live dot com) if you want to dish. There ought to be a fan club for the (Wo)men-who-love-men-who-love-men! ;>

  3. I so wanted to go this year. I haven’t been since the early 90’s, when it was a little convention of a few pagans. I hear it’s huge now, and my feykin all gather there. I miss them so much! Love to hear more about how your experience was.

    (And thanks for the link!)

    Be well,

    • trothwy

      I haven’t been to many of these kinds of events. I went to a couple of Circle Sanctuary’s pagan gathers in the late ’80s (wonderful sense of community), but mostly our group exists in a bubble in a conservative part of Texas. Being around so many others of like mind was like being set free. I’d love to do it again … we’ll see what next year holds.


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