Too good not to share

Under the category of  “just too good not to share,” here are a couple of insights from Sarah Lawless at The Witch of Forest Grove:

“Someone who works with herbs and memorizes their magical properties is just an amateur ethnobotanist, but someone who communes with the spirits of the same plants and learns of their magical and medicinal properties directly from the plants is a witch or shaman.”


“The mistake most modern witches make is in thinking just by reading a book or two on witchcraft and/or getting initiated into a tradition or coven that they should automatically have the abilities to see and commune with spirits and gods, to walk between worlds, and to have supernatural powers.”

Initiation is a jumping off point, not a destination.   If you’re not thinking how exciting (and scarey) that is — if the thought doesn’t make you eager to jump — you may not be a witch.  Or maybe just not a witch yet.

I encourage you to read the entire article, What makes one a Witch?

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