Tribe of Lights

The other day my son announced  he wants to learn to read tarot cards.  I was – to put it mildly – flabbergasted.

Before now, my son has lumped card reading in with All Things Witchlike (translated: Under No Circumstances To Be Done In Public). But at a recent scout campout he saw another boy using them, so now all bets are off.  Well … at least when it comes to tarot.

You see, my son is every bit as careful as I am to stay closeted. He’s quick to remind me to turn off the pagan music before I open the car door. To confirm my work room is locked before bringing a friend over. And to loudly announce said friend as he ushers him through the front door, so we won’t say anything untoward.

As a matter of fact, the coven now regularly uses the phrase “Montague’s* here” when all talk of Smooching the Devil’s Buttock needs to come to a grinding halt.

Even when Montague is not here.

So you can imagine I was fair suprised to hear of my son’s plans to join the tarot-reading ranks.  He is, however, now the proud owner of a tarot deck of his very own, which he is busy communing with and meditating upon.

I’ve worked out a simple card spread for him to use, based on this witch’s pyramid-inspired one. Actually, I’ve used it myself a few times.  It’s fast and surprisingly helpful:

    Tribe of Lights –Show me what’s hidden,
    The help to be bidden,
    The action to take,
    And the habit forsake.

Basking in the glow of my son’s new-found interest, I have it in me to wonder … what on earth is next?

*Not, of course, his real name.

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