Generic witchcraft

While my group practice is Gardnerian, I work outside that praxis, too. Here are some bits and pieces I’ve written and used when I’m working outside of the boundaries of any particular tradition … just being a witch:

    I task Thee, O Creature of Salt,
    By the Sun that draws Thee forth,
    Cast off all impurity and be perfected.

    I task Thee, O Creature of Water,
    By the Moon that pulls Thy tides,
    Cast out all uncleanness and be perfected.

    O Creature of Fire,
    In my Master’s Name I forbid Thee to harm,
    And I harness Thee to help our Work.

    O Creature of Vapor,
    In my Lady’s Name I compel Thee
    to renounce all deceit,
    And to sain our rite.

    I plow the furrow with my blade,
    By my Will this circle’s made.
    Its bounds abut the Otherworld
    And hold the power here unfurled.
    By Might of Moon and Lift of Horn
    Be this circle hallowed.

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