A cup of what?



A Dear Friend of mine phoned the other day, wanting to borrow a cup of Goex Triple Fine Gunpowder.  He had tried buying it locally, but all that was available was synthetic gunpowder, which  Just. Wouldn’t. Do.

After a hearty laugh, because let’s face it — normally it’s a cup of sugar I wondered if I should be worried.

Worried that he wants gunpowder?  Nah … he likely wants it to lay down a trick.  And by that I mean do some rootwork, not explode his boyfriend.  And no comments from you dirty-minded monkeys up in the peanut gallery.

Worried that it can’t be synthetic?  No, I totally get that the best symbol for gunpowder is real, true gunpowder.

Worried that we actually had a cup of Goex Triple Fine Gunpowder?   Well …

If I used it for magical purposes, I would say no.  But here’s the rub:  for some inexplicable reason, my husband actually had some Goex lying around the house, stored for years against what?  Imminent zombie attack?  In case we buy a cannon?  And since my husband does not now own, nor has he ever owned a cannon (or a zombie), I’m wondering just what he got up to with the Goex. 

Unless, maybe he’s a closet rootworker?   That would explain all those lines of dirt of the floor …



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4 responses to “A cup of what?

  1. Evn

    That gunpowder totally would’ve come in handy during the zombie/velociraptor/zombie-velociraptor attack your hubby and I were gearing up for after Hurricane Ike. I’m just saying it pays to be prepared.

    • trothwy

      I totally agree. My plan is a trébuchet loaded with creamed spinach. Hits zombie-velociraptors at distance, and will probably repel those pesky Jehovah’s Witnesses, too!

  2. It would be awesome if you *did* have a cannon though!

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