Went out to the center of the garden with frankincense and myrrh.  Offered tobacco to the four directions, to the spirits of this place, to any Old Ones who may be passing by, to the spirits of the native people who walked here before.  Sat in chair with shoes off facing east and let the full moon bathe over me.

          Felt a Rabbit on my right and just behind/over my right shoulder.  Gave me the picture of a second set of my arms reaching up and peeling off my skin, so that I could step out of it.  Pretty and young, vital and fit.  I asked if I could do this.  “Yes.  Just do it.”  Asked what I could give in thanks for the advice.  “Eggs.  Small eggs.”  Quail eggs? 

          I asked if it was really a snake, and it became a coyote man, slouched there beside me.  Laughing at the trick.  Shared a fond few moments between us.

          All throughout, kept thinking “listening.”  “Listening.”  Bare feet, cool patter of feet around me.  Just listening.  “What do you have to say?”

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