And you’re all invited

Did you ever wonder what witches got up to before the Internet changed the face of modern witchcraft?

Mastering Witchcraft, written by Paul Huson in 1969, gives us just such a glimpse.

It’s a book with a reputation.  By modern standards, many would consider it politically incorrect.  A wide swath of neopagans think its subject matter is uncomfortably dark, however most traditional witches find Mastering Witchcraft to be a solid and valuable body of work.  Like a magnet it attracts or repels — readers tend to be fascinated or unsettled by its contents.

So … are you a bad witch, or a better witch?  Which is which?

The Amazing Evn and I are hosting a discussion of Chapters 1-6, culminating in a ritual from Chapter 7.  And you’re all invited!

We’ll be meeting weekly on Sundays, starting in September.

For more info, email or call 832-684-5587.

Still can’t decide?  Maybe reading this book review will help.

I hope to see you there!



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2 responses to “And you’re all invited

  1. I personally love the book, and depending on where you’re located would be very interested in your discussion sessions. How somebody feels about “Mastering Witchcraft” usually tells me pretty quickly how authentic of a Witch they are; it separates the real thing from the Playgans, if you ask me.

    Anyway, great blog!

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