More chew for the stew


The River Daughter at Down the Withywindle adds to the Mastering Witchcraft discussion, with her thoughts on the search for a Craft name:

“… with a name comes an identity, and mental cues are extremely powerful to the subconscious.”


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3 responses to “More chew for the stew

  1. What do you think about Huson’s suggestion to pick a magical name that corresponds to your given name/birth number? Buckland makes the same suggestion in the Big Blue Book, but I doubt that all of the Aradia SilverSparkle’s of the world have used that model!

    My name and birth number are the same number, 6, so naturally if I picked a magical name that equaled 6, I could *FINALLY* take my rightful place as The Beast! Teehee

    • trothwy

      *Laughing* would that make you a Beastie Boy?!

      I haven’t run the numerology on my own magic name; I guess I should try it some time just for grins …

    • Corsen

      My name was inspired by a dream I had while looking for a name. I knew that I’d been led to it because when I checked, the numbers did match… but if they hadn’t, I would have still used it, because numerology has always seemed a little arbitrary to me. Maybe it makes more sense in Hebrew, but I don’t know how well applying to English works. But why base 10? And what’s so special about the Gregorian calendar, anyways?

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