WITCHFATHER: Into the Witch Cult, by Philip Heselton


I have just finished reading WITCHFATHER: Into the Witch Cult Volume 1: A Life of Gerald Gardner, by Philip Heselton.  And by “just finished,” I mean I read the last page last night, and literally groaned when I realized there was no more.

When I found that WITCHFATHER: From Witch Cult to Wicca Volume 2 is available, I stopped writing this post long enough to download it to my tablet, and am already planning to ditch my day’s chores in favor of sitting in the back garden, indulging in a day of pleasurable reading.

Because Mr. Heselton’s book is just that — pure pleasure.  I feel as if I’ve gotten a real look at Gerald Gardner.  Before the book, I honored Gardner for his Craft contributions.  Now I feel like I know him as a person, and I like him all the better for it.

Thank you Phil Heselton, for this new jewel of a book.  May you write many more!


To order your own family jewels, visit Thoth Publications, or Amazon.   For more about Mr. Heselton, visit philipheselton.com.



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