Every time a witch votes, a monkey gets his wings


If you live in the U.S., tomorrow is Election Day.  My apologies to those of you tuning in from other countries.  As a consolation prize, you get to hear a great song, and perhaps have a little laugh about America’s current sociopolitical climate.  (When not crying, I’m laughing about it, too!)

As far as I’m concerned, there’s not much witchier than the Power of Choice.  Your word made manifest.  And all in a private voting booth — it’s practically begging you to work a bit of magic within its alcoved privacy.

So load your pockets with the Amulets of Your Choice (pun intended) and Make. Your. Mark.

Still sitting on the couch?  Here’s a rousing song by Damh the Bard to light a fire under your backside.  Although it’s specifically about British politics, the themes shine through:



Fly my pretties.  Fly!


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