Snake, Magic Wand, Leather Books from Portrait of Ebenezer Sibley

We witches love our books.  And we love to buy, read, praise/bitch about, prominently display, lord over our friends and prop up one end of the bed with our many, many occult books.  Although not necessarily in that order.

Rarely in that order.

Be that as it may, never before have we been so spoiled for choice in publishers of our kind of books.

For our collective convenience and browsing pleasure, below are icons for a big handful of occult publishers.  (I should probably say here that I am receiving no recompense of any kind from these folks.)  This isn’t an exhaustive list; rather a lovely sampling.  Let the book ogling commence!


Caduceus Books

Caduceus Books

Fulgur Esoterica

Fulgur Esoterica

Hadean Press

Hadean Press

Mandrake of Oxford

Ouroboros Press

Pendraig Publishing

Salamander and Sons

Scarlet Imprint

Starfire Publishing

Starfire Publishing

Three Hands Press

Three Hands Press

Troy Books

Wonderella Printed

Xoanon Limited


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2 responses to “Bibliorgasmic

  1. Cool :).Gonna have to get another book shelf. Nephilim Press has a pretty cool selection as well.

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