Gaily work the rites of May

We’re hard on the heels of May Day.  That glorious sabbat where witches all skip out into nature and — not to put too fine a point on it — show Nature they’d like a heaping helping of fertility, please.

Best. Holiday. Ever.

It’s also the holiday with it’s very own (rainbow-colored) elephant in the room.  “Great!  I’m gay.  I have a same-sex love and working partner, and I’m working magic in a traditional (read heterosexually-slanted) fertility cult.  Now what?”

Of course there’s a way to work the May Day rite with your same-sex partner.    (But you probably already knew that.)  And lots of ways to do so and show Nature you’d like not only a great love life this year, but also lots of fertility on the farms so there’s plenty of good food to eat.  And we’re going to talk about one way below.  So if you’re too young, or easily offended, please turn back now.

And for the rest of us, a maypole dance, while we wait:

Vintage May Day frogs

Are they gone?  Good.  On to the details.  If possible, perform this rite out in nature.  If that’s not possible, set up a cauldron of rich local soil in your working space.

If you’re guys, your rite would include some lovely sex, culminating with you both (all?) sharing your seed with the earth in your cauldron.

If you’re gals, your rite would include some lovely sex, and after culmination you’d share some of your mixed fluids with the earth in your cauldron, scatter the plant seeds of your choice on top, and cover the seed with some additional soil, to whatever depth the seed packet recommends.

Magically speaking, you’ve used elements of nature to complete a circuit of fertility.

Finish by dancing around the cauldron, singing or chanting an appropriate May Day Song.  Hal An Tow is a traditional English May Day song.  Rudyard Kipling’s Oak and Ash and Thorn, as set to music by Peter Bellamy, is lovely.  Or write your own.

If you’ve worked the rite inside, be sure to leave the blessed earth outside at an appropriate spot, so that it can continue to Work.

So raise a glass (or a priapic wand) to fertility.  May Day blessings to you all!



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