Trothwy = a threshold.  Right now, that’s very much what I am.  One foot in and one foot out of a lot of things — motherhood, wellness, sanity.   Elbow deep in lots of interests, and even an expert at one or two.

Currently, I’m enjoying all the ups and downs that come when 5 brilliant people work together in a coven.  I’m gulping down huge bites of cartomancy.  And I’m trying, for yet one more year, to grow that bumper crop of tomatoes I long for.

At the kernel of it all, I’m an old-fashioned witch cautiously sticking her toe out onto the information highway.

I’m glad you’re here to see it!
Trying to reach Trothwy or the folks at Bendith y Cyrn? Use this form to send us an email:


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  1. If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon todpero.

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