Here on one easy-t0-reach page are links to the occult publishers mentioned elsewhere.  This isn’t an exhaustive list; rather a lovely sampling.

If you’d like to propose a publisher that isn’t listed here, comment with a link, and I’ll likely add it here.



Caduceus Books
Caduceus Books
Fulgur Esoterica
Fulgur Esoterica
Hadean Press
Hadean Press

Mandrake of Oxford

Nephilim Press

Ouroboros Press

Pendraig Publishing

Salamander and Sons

Scarlet Imprint

Starfire Publishing
Starfire Publishing
Three Hands Press
Three Hands Press

Troy Books

Wonderella Printed

Xoanon Limited


And some journals of note:


Alchemy Journal





The Cauldron

Wiccan Rede



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