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Stretching yourselves

I checked the stats for this site yesterday, and saw one of you landed here in a rather unexpected way.  You typed  “witchcraft- chants for stretch marks into your favorite search engine.


Now I am not running down chanting.  Or stretch marks.  Or curing stretchmarks.  With witchcraft.  But I haven’t written a chant to cure stretchmarks.  So how’d you end up here?

Curiosity got the better of me, and I tried it myself.  If you Googlewitchcraft- chants for stretch marks,” here’s what you’ll see:

Well like witchcraft, the internet abhors a vacuum.  So here it is, to be said while rubbing generous amounts of Belly Butter onto your stretchmarks:

Life’s ebb and flow
Cut to and fro
it’s marks upon my skin.
Let new tides flow
Above.  Below.
Wash smooth my skin again.


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