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As the tide turns

As most of you know by now, 2010’s Winter Solstice contains a unique conjunction — a full moon, a total lunar eclipse and the longest night of the year. While we have lunar eclipses at regular intervals, the last time this particular triple conjunction occurred was in 1638.

To me, this eclipse is a magical opportunity to harness the power of transformation. Big Scarey Transformation, as the Full Moon enters the Cauldron of Rebirth at the longest night, and emerges transformed.

Guilty of being overwhelmed with impending houseguests, at the last moment I cobbled together a rhyme, to be said while knotting a string at the various points throughout the eclipse:

By knot of 1, Full Moon behold.
By knot of 2, the Dark takes hold.
By knot of 3, it is unmade. In cauldron deep a change is laid.
By knot of 4, a transformation. The moon, renewed, takes up its station.
By knot of 5, the trial is done. The change is made. The Wish is won.

Make the 1st knot when the Full Moon is in the sky, but untouched by the eclipse.  Make the 2nd knot when you first notice the shadow creeping over the Moon.  Make the 3rd knot when the eclipse is total, and the Moon is completely covered.  Make the 4th knot when you first notice the Moon coming out of the eclipse.  Make the 5th knot when the eclipse is over, and the Full Moon is back.

Be sure to mark the cord, so you know “which end is up” when you use the cord later.

Blessings to us all as the tide turns and the Moon and the Sun both return to us!

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