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Just in time for the holidays

Nothing like the holiday season to bring wild driving and dangerous rudeness to the roadway.  I’ve given up keeping track of my many narrow escapes, in favor of updating my expletives with these resounding (and relatively PG-rated) Irish curses:

          “May the cat eat you, and the Devil eat the cat!”  (a very picturesque Irish curse, which you can hear in the Gaeilge at the bottom of this page)

          “May your obituary be written in weasel piss!”

          “May the malevolent hedgehogs soil your cornflakes!”

And, when you care enough to give the very best, generate your own Irish curse at  An tInneal Mallachtaí.  Because truth is, ”Go lí paca Fomhórach ólta do thóin gan mhaith” sounds so much better than “May a pack of drunken Formosans lick your worthless butt.”

Ahhh … I feel better already!


Thanks to Irish SayingsVikar’s Rant and Fun Facts in Australia.  It is from their wells that I pulled these excellent Mallachtaí.

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