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Spinning the Moon

Thanks to a happy conjunction of astrophysics, the moon will be extra bright tomorrow night, as it reaches it’s perigee (closest point to earth).

It will be enormous (not that size matters, of course!).

Thanks to something Ed Fitch said to me recently, and with his blessings (I feel like a celebrity, just being able to say that), I’ve been working on an idea for “spinning the moon,” which I plan to try out tomorrow night.  Perhaps you’ll join me?

Wait until it’s late enough that everyone’s in bed, or otherwise engaged, and head outside with a bowl of water, some clary sage essential oil (if you have it; if not, the water will soon be enough), a stick of incense and a lighter.  No candle needed; the light from the moon will be a gracious plenty.

Strip down (yes, I am that kind of witch).  Kneel on the earth, with not only a clear view of the Moon, but with the moonlight washing over you.  Light the incense.  Set the bowl between your knees, and pour the water into the bowl.  Consecrate it with three drops of clary sage oil and smoke from the incense.  Stick the incense into the ground.

Looking up at the Moon, reach up with the fingers of your right hand, so you seem to be grasping the Moon between your thumb and middle fingers.  Pinch down on the Moon, and, rubbing your thumb, third and ring fingers together, roll the Moonlight between your fingers, stretching it down to the bowl, until your fingers touch the water.

Touch the wet fingers to your forehead, and repeat, until the bowl feels full of the Moon.

Then, saying a prayer to the Moon, pour a little of the Moon water over yourself with each line (aren’t you glad we didn’t wear any clothes now?):

Before the Moon Mother’s face,
By the Hornéd Lord’s grace,
By the Spirits of this Place,
Bless me in my coming in and my going forth
Bless me in my entering and my leaving
Bless me in field and shed and bed
Unto the coming of the next Full Moon.

Be it so!



To set the mood, listen to this lovely hymn to the moon, sung by the John Renbourn group.


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