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Witch’s Milk


Where I live, Spring has well and truly arrived.  As you can tell from the date of my last post, I had a long spell of focus inward this winter, centered around an older family member coming to live with us, sicken and pass on.  There was lots of magical work this Winter, but not a lot of writing.

So when Spring came ’round again, it was an especially welcome turning.  I’ve done all the spring things — taken a spring tonic, done a huge spate of spring cleaning, pulled all the gardens back into order, and ritually marked myself with Spring.

If you’re looking for a magical component to your spring, a few of us did something like this:

Prepare your space in the usual way.  As part of the set up, bless a cup of wine or other spirit (we used kahlua).  And place a pail of milk in the center of your workspace. We used fresh raw goat’s milk, but of course use whatever milk strikes you as right.

Set your witch’s knife on the floor, with the blade pointing towards the pail of milk.  Pace around the circle deasil, leaping over the knife as you come to it,* saying:

Milk flow
Strength grow
Power to the seed we sew

Continue pacing and chanting until it feels done.  You’ll know.  End standing straddled over your knife, facing the pail.  Leaving your stance, add the blessed wine to the pail, stirring it in with your knife.  (Milk’s sticky, so you’ll probably want to have a moist napkin handy.)

Then, standing facing the pail, but on the right side of the knife, say:

I gird myself with the Powers of Spring!

Dip your fingers into the milk, and anoint yourself a la Cochran:

Left ear
Left eye
3rd eye
Right eye
Right ear

Then, step over the knife as you would step up and over a stile, which might vary from person to person, but for me means facing my stile, resting my hand on the post (although we don’t have that luxury here!), stepping over with my left foot, stepping over with my right foot, perching right foot behind left foot, and gently spinning to face the pail.

Finish anointing, touching your:

Right breast
Left ankle


So girded, sit a moment and fortify yourself with a little witch’s milk.  Because here’s the thing:  with Spring comes a fresh stream of resources.  If you’re going to start something ambitious, you’ve got a limited window before you have to draw back and plan for Winter.  So use it well, and Good Fortune to your efforts!


Inspired by Robin Artisson’s The Dance of the Witches: Opening the Devil’s Eye.


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