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Turned on my head

As you can tell from the date of my last post, I haven’t been writing here much.  Instead, I’ve been studying like a demon.  And yes, I can easily envision a demon studying.  It looks something like this:

I’m up to my elbows in books and practica.  And I’m loving every brain-sweat-filled moment.

A fellow on the internet recently shared a link to Seahenge gives up its secrets.   A newly-found archeological site containing 55 wooden posts surrounding an upturned oak were exposed when winter storms washed away a sand dune in Norfolk.

And now, finally, to the point.  Quoting from the article:

Dr Francis Pryor, President of the Council for British Archaeology, believes the symbolism of the upside-down oak tree is very important to understanding the Bronze Age mind.”We often find everyday objects deliberately turned upside down at Bronze Age sites. The inverted oak is a very complex statement. It is the world turned upside down, just as death is an inversion of life.”From a ritual point of view it symbolises taking objects out of this world and placing them in the next.”

Most of us are nodding about now.  Makes perfect sense.  In several cultures, the world tree is shown as inverted; Yggdrasil and Klipoth to name two.

I all but heard the popping sound of a lightbulb on going off.   A new layer of symbol and meaning I can add to how I make offerings.  Indoors, even in the presence of Aunt Albie, I can place offerings in a teacup, then turn cup over onto saucer with a murmer.  Turning the offerings “on their head” to send them on to the otherworld, along with my spoken words.

My outdoor offerings also take on new layers of meaning, as I now see that pouring out an offering inverts the contents.  (All you who already knew this can stop chuckling now.)

There are days I truly love witchcraft.  And this is one of them!


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