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And the goat would be for?

In all fairness, you should be informed that this blog has been temporarily highjacked by a book club.

And now, you’re probably imagining this:

Well-bred ladies sedately sipping coffee and sharing household happenings over a tastefully appointed coffee table.

When really, it’s more like this:

And during the accompanying kaffeeklatsch, you read this quote from Mastering Witchcraft:

“When you cast a spell … Now supposing at just that precise moment the door to your place of working were to open and your husband or maybe your mother-in-law were to confront you … ‘Audrey! What are you doing dressed up like that in here?  And why haven’t you got any lights on? You’ll strain your eyes … And what’s all that terrible smoke?’  Total anticlimax.”

And you laugh, because you, too, have been there.

Only rather than confess to your dear old mum-in-law that you are a witch, you pretended to be smoking marijuana on the sly.   Well … it explained all that incense.

But not why you were naked.  Or what the goat was for.

Join Bendith y Cyrn in a book club style discussion of Paul Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft.  And it gets even better.  Mr. Huson has agreed to autograph a number of books for me.  If you take part, you’ll be able for buy one for my cost (book price + shipping), as long as they last. 

To sign up, email  bendith.y.cyrn@live.com or call 832-684-5587.

 So call already.  Coffee provided.  Goats optional.



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