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Hot fresh witchcraft, with a prize inside

Drawn to a close — six Sundays of discussing Mastering Witchcraft and drinking tea with a group of fascinating witches.  Well, to be honest, most of us were drinking red wine, but we were sipping it from tea cups.  And some of the fascination came straight from Chapter 4 of the book.

I loved it.  So much so, that I’m bringing the fun to you.

Shortly, you’ll be able to read what well-known witches have to say on the concepts in Mastering Witchcraft.  I call them Celebrity Witches — high profile witches, who write, teach, speak and further the Craft in real and meaningful ways.  And that’s the tip of the iceburg, because to do those things well, they also have to be diligent practitioners of their arte “off screen.”

These Celebrity Witches will be working from the same set of discussion points used in the book club meetings.*  Please chime in with your own thoughts and experiences.  In many cases the celebrities are following along, so ask questions, as well.  The answers may surprise you!

And to sweeten the honey jar further, there’s a prize.  (Rules apply, see below for details.) Every time you comment,** I’ll put your name in the hat.  If you plug the online discussion on your site, I’ll put your name in three times.†  At the end of the online discussion,†† I’ll draw a winner.  The lucky witch will receive a copy of Mastering Witchcraft, which Mr. Huson has autographed with the inscription “you need but ask, the way is open to you.”

So stay tuned, to hear what Sarah Lawless of The Witch of Forest Grove, Jason Miller of Strategic Sorcery, Harold Roth of The Alchemist’s Garden, Hyperion of the UnNamed Path, Deborah Lipp, of Property of a Lady, Peter Paddon of the Crooked Path, Robin Artisson of Tracks in the Witchwood, and Mrs. Drinkwalter of North of Berkeley have to say about the concepts in Mastering Witchcraft.


*Each Celebrity Witch retains all copyrights to their writings contained herein, with the sole exception that they have each agreed that I can post them on UsedKey.
**And that means a *real* comment, not one of those sissified “me too” type responses. 
†If you post on your site, email me at trothwy at live dot com, so I know to put your name in the hat.

††I’ll post an end date for comments to be eligible for the drawing, as discussions wind down.

 ¶Let the Discussion commence!



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Going with the flow

We are creatures of energy, moving through an energetic world.  Even without training we all can sense it, because humans are social creatures. Clever monkeys who need to intuit our group and our surroundings to survive.  When you walk into a house, can’t you always tell if it’s empty or not?  If someone is staring at you, can’t you feel it?  Even if you’re asleep, the intensity of the stare wakes you up, as many a startled parent knows!

As witches, we consciously use energy to power our workings.  The particulars of how you manipulate energy determine what kind of witch you are (at that moment at any rate) and how you work with other witches.

So, how does one raise magical energy?  Well, as the old joke goes … you rub two witches together.  Because magical energy flows in a closed circuit.

Now that your mind has swirled right down the gutter, let me heave you back up out of it.  Because I’m not talking about having sex, although sexual partners certainly can use that energy.  Gay, straight, any-way-the-wind-blows. 

I am talking about tapping into an energy source and making meaningful connections so that the energy flows in a useful fashion.  How you raise that energy is up to you.

Our group works the cycle of the seasons and the fertility of land, animals and people.  We raise the energy many different ways, but because fertility is about producing offspring, no matter how we may please ourselves outside of circle, within it we close our circuit between a man and a woman. For no other reason than that particular connection makes the most sense in the context of fertility. 

So, Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your magic flow?


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