To divine with cards


Thanks to Dawn Jackson for a system of cartomancy that resonates my heartstrings.  Her site,, is currently down, but you can find an archive of it here.  If you’re looking for a system that is aligned with Traditional Witchcraft, this is the one for you.

For a look at a turn-of-the-century card spread, try “The Square of Sevens” by Robert Antrobus.  It’s a powerful spread with a juicy history.  Turns out, Robert Antrobus was the nom de plume  of  Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson, who as much as admits he’s pulling the readers’ legs in his preface.  Famed Tarot expert Mary Greer give us the scoop on her blog.

Oh, and thanks to Jesse Fuchs and Tom Hart for the use of their lovely card icons!

For those of you looking for it, Coven of Cards is here, and a picture of its set up here.


2 responses to “To divine with cards

  1. Jill

    I am a new member of this forum but have been reading playing cards forever.
    After all this time I came across the Hedgewythch cartomancy and very exc
    with the incredible amount of knowledge acquired from these writings.

    Do you have the missing diagrams For the Witch of Exceptional Memory –
    the Coven spread – page 20, 21, 24 and the Wheel spread page 28?

    Also, there are two more spreads that I don’t have the Temple of Fortune and the Great Throw. Do you have access to these spreads and diagrams? It would be greatly appreciated if you would share these.

    • trothwy

      Dawn’s Hedgewytchery site was a fount of information. I’m sorry it’s gone now, but grateful we can still view it through archives!

      I’ll see what I can do back-channel about some of the spreads you’re missing. From the notes at the end of her cartomancy series, it’s clear Dawn meant to publish an additional section, which would discuss the Temple of Fortune and the Great Throw, but I guess they either didn’t get written, or she didn’t post them.

      It’s possible that the Great Throw is similar in idea to the Grand Tableau often done with Lenormand cards, and that the Temple of Fortune is similar in practice to the Temple of Fate spread published by Etteila/Jean Baptiste Alliette in the late 1700s. Maybe you could create your own takes on the Temple of Fortune and the Great Throw based upon these.

      Happy card reading!

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