To Know


Gardnerians trace their lineage back to Gerald Gardner through one of his High Priestesses; a private and cherished family tree.   Private, yes … but not secret.  So if you have a true need to know whether someone really is a Gardnerian, how do you go about it?  Simply ask another Gardnerian.

Rather  like “which came first,” being as you don’t know any?  Then you can ask at Amber and Jet.

 Either post and ask for a Gardnerian to email you back channel regarding a vouch, or email the moderators to request the same.  Be prepared to give some details regarding the person’s initiation into the Wica — when and where the initiation occurred and the name of their initiator is a good starting point.

 Remember, you’re asking about information of a highly personal nature.  A respectful and polite approach will ease the process and be greatly appreciated.

                                                         *   *   *   *

Our Gardnerian coven here in Texas has had requests to vouch for the persons and/or groups listed below.  Although they seem sincere and dedicated pagans, after a thorough due diligence we are unable to verify their legitimacy as Gardnerians.  If you are listed below, and would like to continue the vouch process, please contact me at

       Lady Ravenweed, Longview, Texas


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